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June 8, 2022

5 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Tampa Home

If you’ve thought about making your house stand out, now is a great time to spruce up your exterior with a few coats of paint. Instead of choosing the exact color you already have on your exterior surface, it may be a good idea to break out of the mold and try something new. But when it comes to painting your exterior, you have to be very careful. Some colors that look good in the artificial light of a retail store may look different in sunlight on the exterior of your house. Besides, you may think an exterior paint color is cute, but your homeowner’s association (HOA) may not agree. Whether you are selling your home or staying in it, here are five of the best exterior paint colors for your Tampa home.

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Best Colors If You’re Selling Your Home Soon

If you’re moving soon and your paint isn’t in bad condition, it may be a good idea to stick with the same color or have a professional company pressure wash it to eliminate any dirt or muck. But if your paint shows signs of wear, this could turn buyers off when showing your home. Many buyers will be looking for turnkey options to move into, and a house that needs a new coat of paint doesn’t communicate turnkey. So if you plan to move and need some paint on the exterior of your home, here are some colors to consider.

  • Soft White
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When choosing white, you should make sure that you select one with the proper undertones. You don’t want your house to appear too chalky, nor do you want it to appear dingy or worn.

  • Light Green

Choosing green in general can be risky. However, choosing the right hue will make a world of difference. Pale green like olive, avocado, or aloe provides a hint of green that isn’t overwhelming.

  • Taupe

This color still seems to be the reigning champion for house colors in Tampa and throughout Florida. This combination of brown and gray creates a neutral look on your home when you apply the right brand.

  • Greige
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This word is a combination of the word gray and beige. It’s not too far off from the taupe color, a trendy color for Florida homes. Although the two colors are similar, greige has more yellow undertones.

  • Earthy Green

If light green doesn’t excite you, then earthy greens might. Recently, more rich hues of green have been trending for home exteriors. Likewise, greens with a hint of blue or gray have been trending.

Before rushing off to the local big-box retailer to get the trendiest exterior paint color, you may want to discuss your plans with a top Tampa real estate agent first. Top agents are on the front line selling homes throughout your local neighborhood. They can create a CMA (comparative market analysis) of what houses have recently sold. While there is a lot of information on those reports, one thing you can see with your own eyes is what types of exterior paint colors seem to attract buyers. So instead of picking a random color based on what’s trending, speak with your real estate agent to determine what color you should paint your home. They may inform you that the current color of your house is perfect, but you should touch up the color with a professional paint job. Or they may determine that homes of a specific hue seem to be trending in the local area, and you should consider painting yours in that hue.

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If you’ve decided to sell your house FSBO (for sale by owner), you may not have the option to consult a real estate agent to assist you with choosing exterior paint colors. In this case, it could be a good idea to seek the help of a local interior designer or home staging company. These professionals will also know what colors work well when selling a home in your local area and will help you decide what color to paint your home.

Colors to Choose If You Want an Upgrade

If you aren’t looking to sell because you’ve settled in your forever home, you may be able to get away with playing around with trendy colors more than if you were moving. But just because you have more wiggle room in terms of the color palette doesn’t mean you should go crazy with color choices. You may want to consult your HOA if you have one before changing the paint color on your house. Also, keep in mind that very dark colors could heat your home. And in a warm region like Tampa, it may be a good idea to stick with colors that keep your house cool so that you won’t have to use your HVAC much more than usual.

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Another factor to consider when painting your home in Tampa is how your neighbor’s homes look. Although you may want to show off your creativity by painting your house a unique color, you don’t want your house to stand out like a sore thumb compared to other homes in the neighborhood. Painting your house an unusual color won’t prevent you from selling it since you’re not putting it on the market. But it could bring down the value of your property. So again, when you’re not sure what is a good exterior paint color for your home, it is a good idea to solicit the help of an interior designer.

  • Earthy Neutral
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If you want your home to blend in with the natural surroundings, consider getting earthy neutral paints. Colors in this palette include clay or stone colors.

  • Warm White

White is a great color choice whether you are selling your house or not. However, you have to be careful with this color because not all whites are equal. Make sure you choose a flattering exterior paint for your home.

  • Pale Gray

This color gives your house a classic feel. But as with white, you have to be careful with choosing the right hue of this color.

  • Pale Blue

If you want to have the blue house on the block, you don’t have to choose a traditional dark blue color. Instead, a pale blue with hints of gray is a good choice. Also, a blue that resembles the sky could be a good choice of blue.

  • Moody Green
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While this is a trendy color, keep in mind that such colors may make your Tampa home hotter. So, if you don’t mind pumping up the AC in summer, you can get this darker hue for your Tampa home.

Painting your home can give it the fresh, new look that it needs to sell or improve your curb appeal. But you have to make sure you choose the right exterior color. Otherwise, you could have a lackluster color on your home, which could cost lots of money to apply and even more money to fix.


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