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April 25, 2022

A Guide to Beach Wear and Essentials


The beach is more than just a break from the bustle of the city; it is an experience. However, many embark on this experience without essentials, making it less enjoyable. Whether it’s a sunburn or a slipping bikini, it doesn’t take much to turn a trip to the beach into a catastrophe. While looking at what to wear, check out beachwear collections such as the Tigerlily collection, which provides versatile and suitable beach clothing.

From sunscreen and sunshades, there’s a long list of essentials. Here are a few tips to help you understand what you need.

The Perfect Bikini

Having your bikini top or bottom slip off is a foolproof way to ruin your beach vacation. The first tell-tale sign of a well-fitting bikini is comfort.

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Knowing your size is always a prerequisite to ordering the appropriate size. Never buy a bikini that you want to grow into, and always remember that one size never fits all.

After you’ve decided on the right size, choose a bikini style that flatters your body. There are multiple guides detailing which bikini style is best for each body type, and you should have no trouble finding one.

Purchase a roll of double-sided body tape if you wish to take extra measures to stay safe and comfy.

Tank Tops and Shorts

These basic clothing items are absolute beachwear essentials. Tank tops and shorts – there’s no better way to stay comfortable under the sweltering sun.

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Ensure that the fabric is light and thin. Avoid denim shorts, as these could get heavy if you decide to take an unexpected dip.

It’s all about the Hat

The beach is sunny and the perfect place to get a sultry tan. However, be cautious about overdoing it because sunburnt faces aren’t as pleasant.

A hat shields your face from the scorching sun and is a simple way to avoid sunstrokes.


Too much sun exposure can lead to UV damage to the eyes. To avoid squinting and returning partially blind, carry a pair of comfy and stylish shades to the beach.

Beach Kimonos

These stylish, super-thin, flowy, kimono-style dresses or coats are perfect for the beach. They shield your skin from the sun without cooking you alive. Collections such as Tigerlily have a variety of styles and prints, giving you multiple options!

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Flip-Flops or Sandals

Never wear shoes to the beach. With scores of sand, an enclosed shoe is a foolproof way to deal with itchy and hot feet. Carry a pair of flip-flops or open-toed sandals to give your feet the air it needs.

You can run on the beach without ending up with a bucket of sand in your shoes. Ensure that the beach footwear is waterproof and sturdy because soggy or broken slippers can ruin the day.


The beach is the one place where you can never have enough sunscreen!

UV damage from excessive damage can lead to skin cancer in extreme cases. Everyone wants a sultry tan without scorched skin.

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Always choose a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher – a higher rating offers better protection against UV rays.

There are two types of UV rays that harm the skin – UVA and UVB. Purchase sunscreens that offer protection against both to avoid sunburns and invisible skin damage. Apply sunscreen liberally on any exposed body part (external only) and reapply every two hours. Use sunscreen before taking a dip, and never forget to reapply after you reemerge. Keep in mind that spray-on sunscreens wash off easily and need reapplication.

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