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May 1, 2022

Be Aware of the Different Causes of ADHD

You might have ADHD if you are always misplacing stuff, cannot stay organized, or may have out-of-control emotions. Adults can be affected by ADHD, which is commonly thought to be a child’s illness.

There is a skilled team available at the South Valley Neurology with a lot of expertise in identifying and treating ADHD, as well as prescribing drugs and teaching practical strategies to help manage your day-to-day life with ADHD. ADHD is usually the very common and also most studied condition of childhood these days.

Research has shown ADHD can be caused by several things

  1. Brain anatomy or function

ADHD may be linked to reduced levels of activities in areas of our brain that generally control attention and activity level.

  1. Genes and heredity
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Within families, ADHD is very common. A child having ADHD has a one-in-four risk of having an ADHD parent. Another close relative, such as a brother, is also prone to suffer from ADHD. ADHD is sometimes identified in parents at the same time as it occurs in a kid.

  1. Significant head injuries

This may also in some cases cause ADHD.

  1. Prematurity

Prematurity can increase ADHD development risks.

  1. Prenatal exposures

Evenalcohol consumption/nicotine from smoking can increase ADHD development risks.

  1. Environmental toxins

In a few rare cases, environmental toxins may also lead to ADHD. As an example, the lead presence in the body may affect a child’s behavior and development.

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What are the various symptoms of ADHD?

Impulsivity, Inattentiveness, and hyperactivity are the three categories of symptoms associated with ADHD. When adults are diagnosed with ADHD, they may exhibit behavior e.g.

  • Constantly energized and active
  • Feeling as if you cannot turn off at all your brain
  • Finding it difficult to relax
  • Feeling restless
  • Frequently losing things
  • Very disorganized
  • Starting any projects may never finish
  • Often missing deadlines or late to appointments

The basic difference between ADD and ADHD is that ADD patients only have inattentiveness symptoms and are not impulsive or hyperactive.

How the ADHD symptoms are different in children and adults?

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Adults experience similar symptoms as children, according to the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. While this is true, a current study among adults having ADHD has revealed certain distinctions between children and adults.

Adults as per the latest research, have more serious executive functioning deficiencies. Adults having ADHD have serious trouble to control their emotions. Adults with ADHD frequently have poor working memory. Due to this, it is difficult to keep to instructions and carry out any action plan.

How ADHD is treated?

Your Neurology expert may begin therapy by recommending medication after an assessment to determine whether you have got ADD or ADHD. Stimulant drugs, which increase brain chemical levels to aid concentration, work well for ADHD.

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Your doctor will also work with you to build a certain treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, allowing you to operate more effectively in daily life while dealing with ADHD issues.  Your doctor will teach you/your child how to deal with everyday obstacles brought on by ADHD/ADD symptoms.


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