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April 25, 2022

Handy Tips For Food Delivery

Suggestions for the Menu

Maintain Simplicity: Your whole menu does not have to be available for delivery. A condensed delivery menu simplifies operations, reduces the amount of money spent on ingredient inventories, and speeds up turn-out time in the back of the house.

Prepare to give guests a deal on the meal delivery. Share these with diners on social media using hashtags to generate additional business and enthusiasm about your services. Make sure to include photographs in your posts to pique people’s interests.

Consider preparing meals in a family-style setting. Consider the following: a beverage, an appetiser, a salad, a main dish, and a dessert. Meals that feed the entire family are easier to prepare and consume, resulting in less packaging waste.

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To finish the dish, add the following: increase check costs, suggest meal combinations, including milkshakes and desserts.

Don’t forget about the extras and add-ons. Provide additional sides and more protein, cheese, sauce, etc. These are low-cost, quick and easy techniques to raise check averages while keeping food prices down.

Food Safety and Quality Recommendations

Take a look at the meals you’re serving: do they hold up nicely when heated up? Will the quality of the product suffer from a rough automobile or motorcycle ride? Make changes to your menu to reflect these factors.

Provide “heat-at-home” foods: Prepare a dish such as a lasagna and include heating instructions. Delivered earlier in the day and warmed later, these foods reduce the amount of stress on your kitchen during peak mealtime hours. Make sure that you are adhering to your HACCP policy.

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Leave room to breathe for fried foods:

Sauces should be kept separate: If you’re packing a meal that includes dressings and sauces, keep them separately.

Packaging Suggestions

Inquire as to whether your delivery platform provides any packing. Otherwise, invest in appropriate packaging, which should comprise the following elements:

The most appropriate material: Identify the disposable food packaging that would best preserve the freshness of your food and allow it to be delivered in the same state as it would be served to a customer at one of your restaurants. Liquids, such as sauces, should be placed in separate containers to be added afterwards.

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It is important to be significant: Choose the appropriate size packaging for your food’s presentation. It may be necessary to compartmentalise or give your presentation in various containers.

It is essential to reinforce your food with a small amount of extra (recyclable) packaging to ensure that it is well-supported.

Tips for Managing the Supply Chain

Because produce supply may be disrupted, you will need to change your ordering strategy. First, adjust what you need to have delivered, then double-check what they bring and when they send it.

Shipping: Make sure you have enough delivery packing on hand.

Shelf-stable products: Order convenient, shelf-stable products and pose the least amount of hygiene risk.

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Ensure that product deliveries are made without physical touch and explicit instruction on where deliveries should be deposited.

Reduced person-to-person contact and more thorough hand cleaning and product washing after delivery are all recommended for safe handling.

Tips for Drivers and Pickup Locations

Certain modifications may be required to handle home meal delivery systems effectively and safely. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Label all packing and bags, then use tape or stickers to seal all items properly.
  • Inside the restaurant, provide a waiting space for riders and drivers where they may wait safely while following social distancing.

Pick-Up Zones: Establish pick-up areas as far from food production as feasible so that riders and restaurant workers will not have to come into contact to pick up an order from the restaurant. Take care to ensure that only one order is taken from a pick-up area at a time.

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