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January 24, 2023

How to Lose Weight Fast But Safely

Today, our article is devoted to safe weight loss, namely, how to properly lose weight. Almost every girl, and sometimes a man or a teenager, wants to get rid of extra pounds, and look toned, young and beautiful. Most people want to achieve results quickly, but rapid weight loss is not good for the body.


Deadlines are not the main goal of losing weight. When making a program, it is important to focus on changing your figure without harming your health. One of the most common questions of beginners is where to start on the way to slimness and beauty? The first thing you need is motivation. It is necessary to understand that losing weight according to the principle “eat everything and lose weight” is a myth. Building a beautifully toned body is hard work. You can change yourself for the better only by regularly performing a set of measures to maintain your form.

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What Exactly Should You Do If You Decide to Lose Weight Safely?

To start losing weight at home, you need to revise your diet and nutrition principles in general. To achieve quick results, women begin to sit on strict diets. Mono diets are recognized as the most effective. You can follow dietary restrictions for 3, 5 or 7 days without harming your health. However, it is worth understanding that the kilograms lost in a short period will return very quickly, and most likely, double the amount.


It is not necessary to sit on buckwheat with kefir to become slimmer. The advice of nutritionists boils down to the fact that it is quite simple to eat right, and the weight will return to normal by itself. The main principles of proper nutrition, which must be followed, are:

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  • The smallness of meals. During the day, you can eat 5-6 times in small portions.
  • Counting calories. With the help of an online calorie calculator, calculate your individual calorie intake and try to stick to it.
  • Water mode. A person needs 2 liters of water per day. The liquid removes impurities and toxins, normalizes metabolic processes, and promotes cleansing.
  • Emphasis on balance. Food should be balanced. When making a menu for a week, it is necessary to include protein food, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is important to exclude harmful products, such as mayonnaise, fast food, semi-finished products, pastry, sweets, alcohol.
  • Deficiency of salt. It is best to cook without adding salt at all. If a complete refusal is not possible, reduce the consumption of this substance to a minimum. The maximum permissible daily rate is 1 tsp.
  • Rejection of fried and fatty food. Look at the methods of heat treatment of products, choose recipes with photos and calories, according to which you need to cook them in a steamer, in the oven, or a slow cooker. Let’s assume quenching, frying – in exceptional cases, and only in olive oil. The Guardian website has an interesting article on the interconnection between fatty foods and overweight UK citizens.
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The Role of Physical Activity

Often, girls ask themselves the question “why сan’t I lose weight with proper nutrition?”. Most often, the problem is hidden in an insufficient level of physical activity. Losing weight without harming your health implies that you should do sports. Cardio and strength exercises will help to reduce excess fat, strengthen muscles, and draw muscle relief.


Choose the appropriate direction for yourself. It can be fitness, aerobics, step, zumba, swimming, running. Women after the age of 35-40 are recommended to give preference to more moderate sports, for example, yoga, stretching, breathing exercises. Home workouts have become especially popular during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. In our opinion, you will be interested to read about a multi-functional workout training bench, with the help of which you can pump up many muscle groups right in your room.

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Perhaps among our readers, there are those lucky people who live near the sea or the ocean. There is great news – you can lose weight thanks to surfing. Surfing is a dynamic and very energy-consuming sport, but you should choose the right equipment first.


To lose fat, you can train at home or in the gym. The main thing is regulatory and compliance with a number of important rules:


  • you can practice in the morning or in the evening;
  • training time should be at least 40-60 minutes;
  • it is necessary to warm up before the start of classes, and stretch at the end of the training; focus on the correctness of the exercises, not on the number of repetitions;
  • you breathe correctly;
  • train every other day, give your muscles rest and time to recover.
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We need to be more active in everything. You need to charge in the morning. Try to walk more in the fresh air. Move as much as possible. Instead of taking the elevator home, choose the stairs. Find an active hobby for yourself and organize family bike rides, hikes, picnics.

Control and Confirmation of Results

Control over the changes taking place is the best motivator. Take a photo every month, and you will visually notice how the proportions of the body change. Focus not on kilograms, but on centimeters. Volume is a more important indicator than weight because muscles are heavier than fat, and weight may not show significant results.

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It is worth noting that, even if you lose weight gradually, without harm to your health, the skin feels serious stress and strain. It is recommended to resort to simple cosmetology procedures to increase its elasticity and return a healthy shade:


  • envelopment;
  • massage;
  • contrast shower;
  • trips to the sauna.


Summarizing everything that was said in our article, it is worth noting that losing weight is a rather complex process and requires gradual steps every day. If you want to lose weight once and for all, be slim for many years and feel energetic – you need to get used to living in a new way. A balanced diet without strict restrictions, moderate physical activity, and additional self-care are the main keys to cherished slimness. By becoming a follower of a healthy lifestyle, you will discover completely new aspects of yourself, go beyond your stereotypes, and even your everyday routine will shine with bright colors. By the way, is it difficult for you to change your eating habits or go for a run in the morning after a long break from sports?

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