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June 2, 2022

The Essence of Using Diluent Solutions for Immunochemistry Procedures

Immunochemistry is an important theoretical and practical field concerned with diagnosing diseases of all sorts. The ultimate aim is to enable medical sciences to come up with treatment methods that will address the diseases once and for all.

Thanks to what this field has to offer, progress has been made in understanding ailments such as cancer and several others.

Normally, this process plays out by using antibodies to detect the presence of certain markers (otherwise known as antigens) in a tissue sample. The definite markers (if present) will be eventually detected under the microscope when the antibodies used are bonded with the marker/antigen.

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This might sound pretty straightforward but some complications can arise in the process. This is especially in light of the effects of certain products used in this day and age. Most of such products happen to be animal-derived ones. Antibody therapy also happens to make this process complicated.

To this end, there is the need for an approach to immunochemistry that would correct a lot of the complications caused. This is where diluents come in and we will shed more light on them in this article. So, you should keep reading to be better informed about how they help the immunochemistry process at large.

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Understanding the Basic Concept Behind Diluents

These are specially manufactured solutions for the sole aim of diluting certain concentrations. The question here is why there would be the need to dilute concentrations used in immunochemistry. This is crucial for the sake of reducing the following:


Given the complications that could affect the credibility of an immunochemistry procedure (some of which were mentioned above), there is a need for deliberate alterations. These alterations need to happen in the form of resistance to the changes to either the movement or shape of neighboring portions.

If these changes are not addressed, the immunochemistry procedure will be compromised and so viscosity (which explains the resistance) is important. The use of the right diluent will get the job done.

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By intentionally tampering with the solution’s concentration, interferences that can compromise the success of the immunochemistry procedure can be addressed once and for all. However, this also is dependent on using the right diluent solution.

Major Reasons for Using Diluent for Immunochemistry Procedures

By addressing the potency and viscosity of the initial concentration through the use of the right diluent, two major things can be achieved. These two things are:

Reduction of False Positives

All should be done to deal with false-positive problems in an immunochemistry procedure. This reason is simply that getting an accurate diagnosis is difficult and can even be impossible with false positives.

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There is therefore the need to reduce the false positives to the barest minimum. Fortunately, this is possible if the right diluent solution is used for this purpose.

And for the record, several things can make it expedient for false positives to be drastically reduced. Some of such things include things like the presence of pseudo-specific signals in the cell’s wrong compartment.

This could also be because of antibody concentration in highly inappropriate amounts. These are just a few of the factors that could be responsible for this complication that is capable of compromising the success of the immunochemistry procedure.

Elimination of Background Noise

Background noise is also capable of compromising your ability to diagnose the nature of the disease. Some of the causes of background noise include the (secondary or primary) antibody binding process not being specific and the presence of primary antibodies with high concentration levels.

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It is crucial that background noise is eliminated and this needs to happen at the right time. By the right time, we mean before antibody incubation happens.

For this to happen something that has a blocking solution is required and fortunately, the right diluent can get the job done. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.azolifesciences.com/

Using the Right Diluent to Guarantee Immunochemistry Procedure Success

There are various formulations used to make diluents. The essence of having several formulation options is so that people can address matrix interferences in the best way possible. So, you choose something that can address your immunochemistry concerns.

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One of the keys to doing this is knowing whether you need a diluent with protein or protein-free features. Some matrix interferences are such that protein-free diluent solutions are required.

On the contrary, some require the use of a diluent solution that contains protein. So, understand your need before choosing a diluent solution.

On a Final Note

Some complications can arise when carrying out immunochemistry procedures as explained here. These complications can make accurate diagnosis hard or even impossible. This is why we need to address them.

We have discussed how background noise and false positives are capable of leading to the wrong diagnosis and can be addressed using the right diluent solutions. So, the right solutions need to be used when the need arises. In addition to this, they also need to be used at the right time.

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