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March 17, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

Golf has been one of America’s favorite games in the recent past. While some of us may be playing just for the love of the game, some are there because the game has multiple benefits. Yes, you heard that right; the game on the mid-Michigan golf course has various benefits for players.

Still skeptical? Then here are five reasons why everyone should play golf to improve their physical and mental well-being. So let’s get started!

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Play Golf

Good Form Of Exercise
The first reason you should consider Northern Michigan golf courses is that they are an excellent exercise form. You will be walking around the vast field and spending a lot of time on your feet. What’s more, most fields are approximately 4 miles at the end, and covering that will surely get your health back on track. And let’s face it, walking around and enjoying a fun game sounds like a much better form of exercise than the gym, doesn’t it?

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Helps To Make New Friends
You can, of course, take your friend along with you to play. But golf courses themselves present excellent opportunities to make new friends. How? Just go alone to the course and let the clubhouse know that you wish to join others. They will set you up with other groups, and that’s your cue! Before you know it, you will be bonding with new people, hearing their life stories while sipping a beer or two at the golf resort’s dining suites.

Allows You To Stay In The Outdoors
Once you start playing golf, you will spend a lot of time outside. And that has its own set of advantages. You will be soaking in a lot of Vitamin D and have decreased depression, lower blood pressure, and less anxiety. Due to these reasons, you will also improve your creative thinking and will be able to sleep better. Also, when you are playing, you will be very close to nature, helping you achieve inner peace.

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Builds Character
One of the biggest challenges of playing golf is that the game can be very frustrating. And that is the opportunity you need to build your character. When you land in the sand trap or miss the putt, you will be given a touch choice. Either you will be upset that it can ruin your game or take a deep breath and go back to playing with a clear head. And that’s when you will see the bigger picture to build your character.

Helps You Challenge Yourself
As we discussed before, golf is very challenging and personal too. Here, you will be playing against yourself, trying to improve your records. It will help you learn and improve, thus making it fun to work so hard.

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Now you know it is beneficial to play a game of golf now and then at mid-Michigan golf courses. It can improve your physical and mental health, keeping your mind and body ready for every life challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself at a reputed golf club and start playing Golf today. All the best!


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