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May 26, 2022

Why Gopala Gopala is a must watch movie

Gopala Gopala is such a relevant movie with such a pure message to the audience. It got released on 10th January 2015 { India } directed by Kishor Kumar Pardasani which also state as the Tamil version of Bollywood Hindi movie ‘ Oh My God! ’. It made audience more excited and awaited because of starring actors like Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, Shriya Saran, Mithun Chakraborty.

The title of this movie isn’t much charismatic but finds meaningful after watching the movie. It is one of the best South Indian comedy movie dubbed in Hindi. Basically in this movie, the main character Gopala Rao { Venkatesh } and Krishna { Pawan Kalyan } leads the whole movie beautifully. Gopala is an atheist and was always sceptical towards god, whose life drastically tears down after earthquake and was drained with his situation but the unexpected turns out of the shape when Krishna Gopala came into the picture and change his life and sight miraculously.

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This movie simply reflects towards reality that, ’there will be no one in your hard times, you have to fight alone and strong until your victory’.

Gopala is middle class business man who leads a simple life with his wife, Meenakshi, son Moksha and his assistant Othu. Gopala is an agnostic but runs the business of selling Hindu god’s idols whereas his wife Meenakshi was a devotee. One fine day when they all were attending a ritual event organised by Siddheswar Maharaj, a fraud godman, Gopala burst out with his unpleasant words towards God and leave the event then and there but story doesn’t end here, the bombshell came across when his shop got destroyed and shattered completely. In spite of giving shoulder, they all started criticizing Gopala for using ill words on that event day. However, Gopala simply turns a deaf ear to them, grab all his strength and stability and directly reach-out to the insurance company of his shop, where the company directly refuse to claim his insurance and declare the earthquake occurrence as an ‘Act of God’.

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When Gopala fails to find a course of action, he irately decides to sue a god in return. The most shocking twist after filing a petition against god with the help of disable lawyer Akbar Bhai when none was ready take his case, Movie takes an interesting turn where his unique case gets accepted by the court and from priest to fraud godman to insurance company everyone was handed with a legal notice for the next court session but still was all along as his wife also left the house along with his son. Eventually Gopala Krishna came into the picture to help the Rao from his unpleasant situation by recuing him from one of an accident and became friends.

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During the court session, when opposing lawyer Shankar Narayana points out that Gopala Rao has no proof to defend his case, judge drop the case to the next session in terms of time giving to the Rao to collect and present the written proof, Gopala Rao was totally helpless after the judgment of the court and no rays of winning the case. Nevertheless Krishna indicates him to find the answer in terms of proof by reading Bhagavad Gita, Bible and Quran. In all the religious book there was same phase, ‘           This world is a creation of god and it is his will to grow or destroy ‘, this line played as a sharp sword as a case proof which cut off all other legal phraseology. Getting a victory was not so easy for Rao, he faced numerous of troubles and traps clearing all those with the shoulder of Krishna, made Rao realised power of god after revealing his identity of lord Vishnu by Krishna Gopala. For Gopala Rao who faced hair loss in the movie was totally a eyeopener which totally spin his prospective towards life and god.

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Analyse: Merits and Demerits

Such a heart warming and beautiful ending with such ethical message to each and every viewer. There are so many plus points, the role was played so maturely and naturally which left audience to see with full of enthusiasm. The each word and phases used in this movie grabs all the attention and strengthens the movie more, it directly shows the reality of fake godman and madness of people who blindly follows them. The narration and step by step scenes was so firm and entertaining mode.

Pointing out the demerits that the role of some good actors was not much into the picture, where the interest and entertainment lays down a bit, other than the movie is great in its place.

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A simple middle- class man Gopala Rao left with nothing after the disaster came across, still being on his feet with straight and strong prospective and words made him poles apart from others. Constant troubles faced with full of positivity and right track though Krishna was there behind his back but Rao was totally unknow and buckled up himself in every worst situation, ‘when there is hope, there is way’. Cherry on the cake was the main lead characters Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan turns movie into keen-eyed, they played there character with such a ease and deviation. Essential message and sight totally reaches out to the audience.

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