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July 13, 2022

What Can You Do with A Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH)?

Public health is a worldwide effort aimed at disease awareness, prevention, advocacy, etc. After finishing an undergraduate degree in public health, you may consider studying for a master’s degree in public health to learn more skills and grow in your career. If you are thinking of enrolling for an MPH but aren’t sure of what you can do with it, read on to learn more.

Become A Healthcare Administrator

You can become a healthcare administrator after obtaining an MPH. The work of a healthcare administrator revolves around overseeing everyday activities in a healthcare facility. Healthcare administrators organize staff, delegate duties, and keep in contact with other parties such as suppliers. Generally, they ensure that things are running smoothly in a healthcare facility. If you’d like to do something extra besides taking care of patients, earning an MPH can greatly help you qualify for an administration position.

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Use It To Get Better Job Opportunities

Getting an MPH can help you get better job opportunities. Since you are equipped with more skills, you become eligible for more options, even those that require an area of specialization. Additionally, you can get better salaries after advancing your education.

Become A Health and Safety Engineer

Health and safety engineers work in industries and commercial facilities. They are responsible for coming up with designs that keep employees safe from injuries in the workplace. They do this by identifying occupational hazards, testing equipment, and educating employees on how to keep safe from potential hazards. Completing an online MPH program can help you qualify for the role.

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Become A Public Health Project Manager

Public health managers develop and oversee the implementation of various public health projects. Their main responsibilities include managing staff members, assigning duties, evaluating the progress of projects, and writing reports.

Become An Epidemiologist

An MPH can help you become an epidemiologist. Epidemiologists investigate the causes and patterns of infectious diseases and other health concerns. They also analyze where noninfectious and tropical diseases originate from, how they spread, and how they can be treated. Epidemiologists work in government agencies, medical organizations, and other health institutions.

Use It to Advance Your Career

You can advance your career after getting an MPH. For example, you can enroll for a doctorate which helps you gain more skills and become an expert in a particular field. It also allows you to specialize in an area of your interest. Additionally, a doctorate in public health can make you eligible for some jobs, such as teaching at university levels.

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Become A Health Educator

Are you passionate about teaching? If you are, you can become a public health educator after getting an MPH. As an educator, you can engage in training community members on health programs. Public health educators also collaborate with other health experts to reduce health disparities in the community. Health educators work for government agencies and health organizations, among other institutions.

Become A Biostatistician

A master’s degree in public health can also help you become a biostatistician. The work of biostatisticians revolves around analyzing data derived from clinical trials and medical research studies. The analyses are then used to draw conclusions and make health-related predictions. Biostatisticians work in government agencies, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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Become An Environmental Health Scientist

You can become an environmental health scientist after obtaining a master’s degree in public health. Environmental health involves studying the natural aspects that influence human health. These include air, water, and soil contamination, among others.

Environmental health scientists try to reduce the natural factors that affect human health. They are also involved in doing research and helping government agencies to develop and enforce health policies and educate the public.

These scientists also restore contaminated water bodies and advise manufacturers on avoiding using harmful chemicals and other substances that can negatively impact human health.

Become a Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants evaluate the management of healthcare facilities to see whether there are problems. If they spot a problem, they look for ways to solve it. They also perform other tasks, such as creating informational documents to help staff members become more efficient and design healthcare procedures.

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There are many things you can do with a master’s degree in public health. From advancing your career further to choosing an area of specialization, you have many options that can help you achieve your career aspirations.




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